The popular Smart car has now some serious competition as the popular tow-behind vehicle of the past few years.

Renault Twizy

Renault has launched the Twizy, a 17 horsepower electric, 2 person vehicle which was the best-selling plug-in electric vehicle in Europe last year.

For a number of years many motorhome owners have realised the benefits of having a tow-behind vehicle giving them the opportunity to explore without the drawbacks of having to manoeuvre or park a large motorhome whilst holidaying.

With prices starting from £6,985 the Twizy is proving to be an economical choice over other small towable cars.  Smart have launched an electric ForTwo with prices starting from just over sixteen thousand pounds, and the on-the-road for a Fiat 500 starts at just over ten thousand pounds.

I suppose there are other factors to decide upon when choosing your perfect tow-behind vehicle. The petrol engine of the Fiat negates charging and range issues.  The Smart has a range of up to 90 miles is faster than the Twizy and has more room.

With all criteria considered we really love the uniqueness of the Twizy over the other cars and it’s great price and low running costs.  A full charge could cost as little as one pound and the Twizy is not subject to a road fund licence and is exempt from London’s and other cities’ congestion charges.  The Twizy can even be re-charged via a 10A mains supply from a motorhome.

The in-line seating arrangement may take a little whilst to get used to but this does save on the vehicle width and with a very small truing circle of just 6.8 metres will allow you to whizz around a seaside resort, town, city or wherever you choose to explore.

The Twizy comes as standard without doors and doesn’t have the option of a heater or radio which we aren’t too bothered out.  There are a number of options that you may want to consider including:

Scissor Doors                                                     £545.00

Alloy Wheels                                                       £300.00

Diamond Black Bodywork Frame                       £175.00

One thing to consider with the Twizy or other tow-behind vehicle is the means of towing.  A lot of motorhome owner’s tow their vehicle directly on the road using an A frame, whilst others use a trailer for this purpose.  Renault says you cannot tow a Twizy using an A frame which may be a drawback for some motorhome owners.  With regards this subject there are legal restrictions which you should be aware of and you should always consult your insurance provider prior to towing.  Vehicle warranties may also be subject to conditions regarding vehicle towing.

This guide from The Camping and Caravanning Club is a very good read:


So why not take a Twizy for a test drive and see how much fun this great little electric vehicle can be?

Author: Glenn Adama


Renault twizy motorhome

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