Campervan Shower

Planning your campervan with appliances in mind

This depends on various factors: budget, where you travel, the activities you enjoy, how many people in your campervan, type and capacity of power source etc.

If you intend to go to the coast then a source of hot water would be nice for a shower after the days surf.  Heating is necessary if you intend to tour all year round.

There are also some gadgets that make a trip more enjoyable even if they are not a necessity.

The Basics

Some vans are just a space to sit or sleep and carry your board or bike but most people will want a few basics in their campervan such as a gas hob and sink.

In larger vehicles you may want to consider a refrigeratorheating and hot water and a toilet.

Campervan Kitchen


Make sure to do your research not only to find the most suitable applaince but how it will work and fit into your campervan:

  • How much power it requires and is your vans power supply sufficient
  • Where and how it will be fixed or positioned in your campervan
  • You may need access for inspection or service
  • External ventilation or access may be required


Our guides on the following subjects may be of help: