Motorhome with car garage

Touring and exploring in your campervan is probably one of the main reasons that you bought or built it for.

But for larger campervans or motorhomes, or when you want to get away without the burden of having to park you may want to consider taking with you another means of additional transport.

Here are some options that you may want to consider.

Towing a Car

For A Class and the larger motorhomes taking a small car gives you the option to leave your motorhome on site and explore the smaller roads and be able to park in towns and villages.

This is a great option if you have the funds.  Having to purchase another vehicle and towing frame is going to be expensive.  You will also have to consider the extra length when driving with a towed vehicle and driving licence implications.

Campervan Tow Vehicle

Taking a Moped or Motorcycle

This is a great choice with plenty of variety depending your on budget and campervan type.

You can choose to pop to the beach on your moped or venture a little further on your Ducati.  Obviously this depends on which licence type you have.

Transport Type

For larger campers or motorhomes you can have a integral motorcycle garage space, but for most you will have a tow or carrier facility.

Campervan Motorcycle Carrier
Rear Motorcycle Carrier
Campervan Motorbike Carrier
Front Motorcycle Carrier
Campervan Motorcycle Garage
Integral Garage
Campervan Motorcycle Trailer
Motorcycle Trailer


Taking the family bikes gives you lots of opportunities to get out explore and exercise without having to find a parking space.

There are many different types of bicycle racks and carriers to fit most campervans or motorhomes.

Campervan Bicycle Carrier
Image: Fiamma

Electric bicycles are becoming ever popular and not only make it easier to pedal but also increase your range of exploring and enjoying your day out.  Folding electric bikes allow you to stow them in your camper or motorhome.

Motorhome Bicycle Carrier
Motorhome Bicycle Carrier
Volt Folding Electric Bicycle
Volt Folding Electric Bicycle
Shimano Electric Mountain Bike
Shimano Electric Mountain Bike

Whether it’s a car, motorbike, bicycle or something else, there are many ways for you to get out and enjoy your days without having to manoeuvre tight streets or wait for a suitable parking space.

For larger budgets the option to the right may be suitable!

RV Car
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