van review guide

Research your conversion vehicle

After reading our Campervan Planning and Design page, you may have a good idea of what van you want as your conversion vehicle.  Prior to the final selection, it may be worth your while doing a little more research (sorry, but this is for your own good!).

Van review sites

We will concentrate on vans as this is what most people will be converting.  There are pros and cons with all the vans on sale, whichever the make and model.  There are many van review sites on the web giving you excellent information on a number of criteria.  You can use these to find out how a preferred van performs in a number of areas.

Here you will get detailed information on the drive, engine, safety and other important information.  Take particular notice of any listed common problems or faults.

Parkers Reviews
Parker's website provides a great source of information on new and used vans. Their detailed reviews provide a wealth of information which will help you to make an informed choice.

Finding the vehicle for you campervan conversion

Hooray, you have now selected a vehicle for you campervan conversion!  However, you will not usually want to search far and wide to find your van.  Use all the different auction, classified and dealerships to find a van that suits your search criteria.  Cost, current mileage, service history, age and distance to travel could be items to consider under your search criteria.

where to buy a van

It may seem tempting if looking on eBay or other online sites to bid without seeing the vehicle.  We do not recommend this.  What we do recommend is to look at the next guide in this section: Vehicle Inspection and Test Drive.

Prior to visitng any vehicles, check with your insurance company that you have cover to drive other vehicles.