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Campervan Conversion Insurance

Insurance for a campervan conversion can be complicated. There are many hoops to jump through including making sure your van conversion meets the DVLA interpretation of a converted campervan.

Insurance for campervans is usually very economic however you may face problems getting cover during the conversion phase. Based on this it is important to do your research first and understand any restrictions you might face.

There is often a timeframe for completing campervan conversions. Specialist campervan conversion insurance companies can help advise you on any questions and queries you may have before setting out on a campervan project.

The Campervan Insurance Quandary

Even if you are not intending to drive your van/vehicle whilst converting it you will still need adequate insurance to cover fire/theft etc.  If you do intend to drive the vehicle then you may face difficulty getting insurance or paying a high premium.

Panel type vans fall under commercial type insurance and are subjected to higher premiums.  This is to cover the usage of the vehicle i.e. long distances, holding goods for delivery or containing materials and tools.

When carrying out alterations to your vehicle you will also have to notify your insurance provider to gain sufficient cover i.e. when cutting openings and installing new windows etc.  These alterations will usually increase your insurance premium.

Specialist Insurance Providers
Campervan Insurance

A solution to the problems detailed above is to find a specialist company to insure your vehicle.  Adrian Flux are a specialist insurer that can provide full cover for campervan conversions and self build conversions.

Cover During the Conversion Duration

A solution to this problem is offered by a few specialist insurance companies.  They offer insurance for your vehicle whilst it is being converted.  However, they do stipulate a duration in which you must complete the conversion (usually 90 days). The conditions of insurance after the allotted time will change or even cease so please be fully aware of your policy details.

The best thing to do is do your research, shop around and find out what policies are right for your needs. There are more and more specialist campervan conversion insurance companies on the market so there is sure top be one that meets your needs.


Don’t forget to contact your insurance company before you start converting as some seemingly small alternations may affect your insurance cover