Campervan Insulation

Please read our Insulation Page prior to continuing to learn about the combined effects of insulation and ventilation.

You will require a ventilation system that removes heat, water vapour and pollutants from the air and also provide sufficient fresh air for a comfortable environment.

There are many ways to achieve this depending on the size of your campervan and its usage.  The more the people in the camper, the more water vapour will be created just by breathing, and the increased activity by occupants will contribute to other pollutants.  Campers with sinks, toilets and showers will obviously create more water vapour and require greater ventilation.

Although ventilation is a must it does contribute to heat loss and a balance needs to exist between the two.

Stack or Chimney Effect

In brief, this is the principle where hot air rises and is drawn out of a building usually via a chimney and clean air is drawn in via an air brick or gaps in the structure.  In a campervan environment the heat created by cooking and other activities will escape via the roof light and draw in clean air through a fixed vent fixed lower down on a wall.

Motorhome Ventilation

Ventilation Components and Design

Any system will need to bring fresh air into the camper, expel hot air, water vapour or polluted air from cooking and other activities.  Bathroom or wet areas will require mechanical or assisted ventilation to extract moisture before it condenses.

Vehicles are not usually completely airtight so you will get some natural airflow coming in.  More air intake can be provided by a simple louvred wall vent.  Windows are also a form of ventilation and in smaller campers additional ventilation may not be required.

Consider all the activities and layout of your campervan to design an effective ventilation system to provide a comfortable environment for you to enjoy.


Typical Components:

Louvered Wall Vent

Campervan Ventilation

Pop-Up Roof Vent

RV Ventilation

Extractor Roof Vent

Motorhome Ventilation guide

Wind Powered Roof Vent

Motorhome Ventilation

Louvered wall vents are a good way to get a constant intake of clean air.

This roof vent from Fiamma opens on all four sides providing permanent ventilation.

The vent is rainproof, windproof and also lockable.


Another Fiamma product contains a fan for better ventilation.  The vent is watertight and has an aerodynamic design to reduce any drag.

This vent works well in kitchen and bathroom areas.

This product from Flettner is wind powered to combat heat, condensation and dampness.

This vent is easy and quick to install, is maintenance free and has a lifetime warranty.

N.B. Drop out holes for gas leaks are not covered in this section.  Please refer to the Gas page.