Campervan Budget

How to plan and budget for your campervan conversion

The best way to reach a campervan conversion budgetary figure is to decide exactly what you want your end product to be and what facilities you would like to have on your campervan conversion.

If you intend to holiday for long periods or away from facilities, you may require a toilet or washroom.  A heating unit will be a good choice if camping all year round.  You may want a motorhome awning, a roof rack or just a bed to rest your head and a kettle for the morning Tea.  Light and ventilation are important requirements so windows and vents will have to be factored into your design.

Draw up a plan or put on a spreadsheet, of all the facilities, gadgets and gizmo’s you want on your campervan and then you can figure out approximate costs and also decide whether you have the necessary skills for all the different jobs.

Campervan Conversion Companies

Using campervan conversion companies for the more difficult tasks will allow you to concentrate on what you can do and get you touring more quickly.  Seat belts are an important part of any conversion and we would usually recommend that these are fitted by a professional.

campervan budget

When making your Campervan budget make sure to do your research, there are many companies and suppliers out there providing all kinds of campervan accessories and products, so shop around. You can then itemise costs based on your research and get a really good idea of the overall campevan budget you will require.

When you have completed your camper conversion plan you may decide that some items may have to wait for the next phase.  It is always good when planning your campervan to create a wish list rather than basic requirements – this way you know the maximum estimated cost and can then remove anything which you feel is not required rather than forgetting things and having to add them at a later point.

Make sure the essentials are taken into account in your planning. You do not want to be removing internal panels to install electrical cables you forgot to plan for from the start of the conversion project.

Picture the campervan from an empty panel van shell through to completed campervan conversion. This way you can ensure you have planned for any lighting, TV, electrical plugs and switches in phase one.

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