Campervan Toilet

Most campsites have toilet facilities these days but there are number of sites in National Parks and conservation areas that do not.  However, having your own campervan toilet facility with you negates having to find the loo in pitch black or when it’s raining.  Also, having a toilet in your campervan is a great advantage when out exploring so that you don’t have to find public facilities which can sometimes be unpleasant.

Portable Campervan Toilet (Porta Potti)

In smaller camper conversions a cupboard or compartment containing a portable toilet is quite common, and when not in use the toilet is out of sight.  However, many don’t like using a toilet in such a confined space for obvious reasons.  To solve this problem you can house the toilet outside in a toilet tent whilst camping.

Chemicals are used for sanitation and to prevent odour.  To dispose of the waste the bottom section detaches allowing you to empty the waste at a campsites disposal facility.

Campervan Porta Potti

Permanent Campervan Toilet

The most popular toilet in campervan and motorhomes is a cassette toilet.  Dometic and Thetford are the main manufacturers of motorhome toilets and have many different units in their ranges.

With this type of toilet the waste is housed in a removable ‘cassette’ that simply pulls out of the rear of the unit when emptying is required.  Due to this, these types of toilets are housed on a rear wall so an access hatch is required in your camper covered with a purpose made access door on the external wall.  These toilets have an integral flush tank which is operated by hand, and on more expensive models they have an electric flush mechanism. Some models can also be connected to a motorhomes water tank to negate the need to routinely fill the unit.

Campervan Toilet Guide

A good feature on some models allows the toilet bowl to swivel which provides more space in a washroom for showering etc.  Thetford also manufacture a bench type toilet suitable for larger motorhomes.  Like the Porta Potti chemicals are required with this type of toilet

RV Waste Holding Tanks

In some American Recreational Vehicles (RVs) a vacuum toilet is used in combination with a waste holding tank.  Emptying of a vehicles holding tank in the UK and Europe may prove to be a problem and consideration would need to be taken before installing a system like this.

SOG Campervan Toilet

A SOG toilet negates the need to purchase and use chemicals in a cassette toilet and is better for the environment.  A SOG works using a fan that draws air into the cassette when the toilet valve is activated.  Normal toilet paper can be used and it is said that there is less smell when emptying the waste from a SOG system.

Read more about the Sog in our blog ‘An Odourless Bog thanks to Sog’

Campervan Toilet Options

Campervan Compost Toilet

We have just been made aware that these products are available and do work well.  We will be looking into these both off the shelf, and self build versions soon.

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