Motorhome and campervan holidays have seen a marked increase over the last few years with many switching from their traditional vacations to something a little more adventurous.

In the UK there are literally hundreds of companies providing a variety of vehicles for you to enjoy whether it’s for a weekend getaway or your annual family vacation.campervan holiday

Which campervan is right for you?  Many holidaymakers are opting for the classic, iconic VW Transporter while others are making full use of a fully equipped coach-built motorhome.  From small car sized campers right through to luxury motorhomes there is a vehicle to suit your needs.

If you have never driven a campervan before there is no need to worry.  Modern motorhomes are easy to drive, park and manoeuvre.  Automatic versions are available with some motorhome hire companies if that is your preference.  Classic campervans are easy to drive with good visibility and of course are exceptional fun.

Why choose a campervan holiday?

There are many reasons to try something a little different and to embark on a campervan holiday but we feel the best reason is the opportunity for an adventure.  Being able to explore a particular area with no bounds, or reasons to have to up and leave is quite exhilarating.  Instead you may want to park up at the beach and not leave until the twilight, the choice is yours.

Whatever you do on your campervan holiday you take with you all the facilities that you would normally leave at the apartment or hotel.  You have the option to make a cuppa whenever you want and of course shelter from the rain if required.  You do not have to rely on takeaway food or restaurants as you have a kitchen facility with you.  Cooking a meal and enjoying a glass of wine in the comfort of your motorhome whilst overlooking a beautiful vista can be quite inspiringmotorhome holiday

You can take a holiday at your own pace and not have to rely on an itinerary, schedule or travel arrangements.  If you like the campsite where you have parked the previous night you have the option to stay, or continue on as you please.  The aggravation of erecting a tent is also avoided!

Many people are also hiring campervans to attend music festivals and other such events.  This gives newcomers to the festival scene an introduction to the festival experience without it being too daunting and having a safe haven to retreat to when required.

A campervan holiday as well as exciting can be a lot more economical than you would think.  Some of the larger motorhomes can accommodate up to 8 people or sometimes even more.  Accommodation and travel in one package can save on the pennies apart from being fun and flexible.

So why not have a look at one of the many companies offering campervan hire and start planning a getaway to remember.         By Glenn Adama



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