Camping has become ever popular in recent years, and many are now enjoying all that a campervan has to offer.  As well as the ability to holiday all year round here are seven great reasons to get building your own campervan.

1.       Touringbuild your own campervan

With a typical holiday you stay in one place for the duration of your holiday.  With a campervan you can go on a tour and cover a great area of a region, or an entire country if you have the time.  Going from place to place adds to the variety of a holiday and can enrich the whole vacation experience.

2.       Cost

A campervan or motorhome really can be a sound investment compared to paying for accommodation at resorts and hotels etc.  If you have children you will of course be aware of the hike in prices during the school holidays.  Campsites are a lot more affordable and the increase in price during the school holidays tends to be a lot less severe

You do not have to have a separate vehicle as your campervan, you can use your campervan as your everyday vehicle.  Campervan insurance is very competitive and may even by more economical than your car insurance. Smaller campervans and van conversions are easy to manoeuvre and park in towns and cities.  Pop-up roofs and awnings add to the size of a smaller camper and if your budget is on the larger side why not create a masterpiece like the Danbury Doubleback complete with extending rear section.

design your own campervan

3.       Dog Friendly

Why not take Rover away with you? You can save a few pounds on kennel bills and have your cherished canine with you to enjoy long walks, dips in the sea and the odd sausage from the BBQ.

4.       Choice

Arriving at a resort or hotel and not liking what you find is a dread that is most feared after parting with your hard earned cash.  A camper gives you the choice to simply up and move to the next resort.

5.       Relax

You can opt for a quiet campsite away from the hustle and bustle to recharge your batteries in a scenic location.  Reading a book in a natural setting, warmed by the afternoon Sun with optional glass of wine can be bliss.  Remote campsites give you the opportunity to walk or hike and enjoy all that the countryside has to offer.

6.       Frequency

You have the option to get away from it at weekends or whenever you have free time.  Even having one night away, leaving early on a Saturday and travelling back late Sunday can make a weekend seem a lot  longer.

7.       Facilities

Instead of having to leave the facilities back at the apartment they accompany you on your chosen destination.  After a few hours on the beach you can have a pit stop back at your camper to make a sandwich, put on the kettle and relax before heading back out into the waves.  In inclement weather you have a retreat to change out of wet clothes, warm up with a hot chocolate and if your camper has the facility you have the option of a nice warm shower.

You can also use your camper whilst not on holiday as a mobile hub to cater for your family’s recreational pursuits.  Transporting your mountain bikes for a day out in the country or taking your canoe for a paddle along the river, with the benefit of all your campervan’s  facilities.

build your own motorhome

off road campervan







If any of this has tickled your fancy why not visit our ‘Planning and Budget’ section and start thinking about your own campervan conversion:

Build a Campervan – Planning and Budget

By Glenn Adama







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