One of the benefits of going on a camping holiday is that you can bring your beloved hound with you to enjoy the great outdoors.  This also negates having to arrange for kennels or leaving your pooch with friends or family.

Many campsites allow dogs but always check before you go as there are some dog free campsites around.  Also, the rules differ between campsites so you might want to check what restrictions there will be before you book a site.  Some sites maintain that you keep your pooch on a lead at all times.  Some sites have specific areas where you can walk your dog and let them of the leash.

The Basics

You will have packed all you need for a good holiday and the same applies for your dog to enjoy his/her vacation:

  • Collar and lead
  • Plenty of food
  • Poop bags
  • Bowl
  • Lots of towels to dry your doggy after a walk

Don’t forget any medicine and of course, your dog should be up-to-date on all vaccinations/boosters and be fit for travel. It is also very much worth checking the location of the nearest out-of-hours vet just in case your dog needs any attention whilst holidaying.


Small dogs can simply have their bedding on a bench or seat, larger dogs can use the bottom bunk to sleep on.  We haven’t known any dogs or pets to have their own bedroom in a campervan but if you know of any with this luxury please send in the photos!

Awnings are great for dogs and provide plenty of room but make sure your dog is leashed to a suitable anchor point.  If you are using a tent your dog could use a bedroom or the porch area.  One great alternative is to get your dog its very own doggy tent.

Doggies in campervans



In the UK Highway codes states ‘When in a vehicle make sure dogs or other animals are suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while you are driving or injure you if you stop quickly’.

A travel container can be used for small dogs and pets to keep them secure when travelling.  Some countries do not allow dogs to travel loose in vehicles so always check a country’s Highway Code before travelling.

The link below is to a UK Government information leaflet which identifies safe practice for traveling with pets.  This document also has good information with regards to preventing your dog from overheating which is of course a very important factor to consider when traveling and touring.  Plenty of fresh water, a cool environment and frequent breaks are important when traveling.

If you plan to leave the country then always check the requirements for entering and leaving which in the EU is:

Beaches and Days out

A lot of beaches have restrictions during the peak season which may mean you have to look around for a beach to enjoy a day out with your doggy.  For other attractions there are many places that accept dogs and many pubs allow you to bring your dog so that you can both enjoy a tipple whilst out touring around.

A useful site in the UK is  there are also similar websites in other countries to help you find a suitable day out or fun dog-friendly attraction.

We would love to see any photos of your dogs or other pets in our Pets and Campers Facebook album so please send them to:

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