An awning for your campervan or motorhome can be a great investment and give you plenty more space to enjoy your holiday and shelter from the sun or rain.  For smaller campervans awnings may provide the extra sleeping space or room to keep your BBQ and dining equipment.

There are two main types of campervan awnings which are drive-away and canopy.  There are also variations on both types of awnings providing plenty of choice depending on what campervan or motorhome you may have.


The Canopy Awning

These types of awnings are usually fixed to the side of a campervan and have material that rolls out to form a canopy using integral poles to keep them taught.  These are very simple to erect and very convenient when moving form campsite to campsite.

campervan Canopy awning








There are also canopy awnings which include front and side walls in various designs to provide an enclosed versatile space.

When looking at canopy awnings it is worth checking out the multitude of Fiamma products.  This innovative company provides many variations on the canopy type awning with features such as:

  • Roof Installation
  • Motor Driven
  • Legless Canopies
  • Variety of Panel Enclosures

fiamma awnings






The Drive-Away Awning

These are likes tents that are erected and fixed to the awning rail of your campervan.  When you want to leave can you simply detach the awning from the rail and drive away.

These can provide extra accommodation or a large space to house your cooking equipment and dining table and chairs.  Drive away awnings keep the rain and wind away from your campervan or motorhome door and provide a great space to keep muddy boots and take off wet clothing before entering your clean campervan.

drive away campervan awning








Choosing an Awning

Initially decide whether a canopy or drive-away is right for you and your camping habits.  Check with the manufacturer that the awning is suitable for your type of vehicle.

Choosing an awning is similar to choosing a tent with regards to poles and fabric.  The higher the hydrostatic head the more waterproof.  Less expensive awnings usually have fibreglass poles with the more expensive awnings having more durable steel poles.

Storage is also important.  Make sure you have sufficient space in your campervan to keep your awning safely housed when travelling.

If you typically camp on a hardstanding you may need hardened steel pegs to get through the gravel base.


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