I decided to give the new series of Gadget Man a watch after missing most of the previous series.  The first episode was titled ‘The Great Outdoors’ so I thought it may have some unique gadgets that I could use whilst camping and possibly add them to my Christmas list.

Richard Ayoade - Gadget Man

New presenter Richard Ayoade has taken over from the ever popular Stephen Fry.  Richard began by comically advising his like for the indoors and how uneasy he was at contemplating a camping trip.

Powering off on a Bomber electric mountain bike (£6,500) Richard first

went to meet Benedict Allen a well-known explorer to compare equipment.  Pointing to his waist bag Benedict showed Richard all the essentials that would be needed for a successful adventure.  Richard trumped Benedict’s crocodile knife with the world’s largest Swiss Army Knife.  The Venger Giant, at a cost of around £800 pounds has 87 tools and even includes a cigar cutter.  I realised the forthcoming gadgets may well be out of my budget but was keen to view the next offering.

Richard unveiled the Wicked Laser Torch which he held to the ground ‘to dispense the exhausting need to rub sticks’.  The World’s most powerful torch quickly started to smoulder the leaves and old be a useful gadget, although a bit scary if it went off in the wrong place.

Venger Giant Swiss Army Knife

Richard arrived at the next phase of his camping adventure in a flying machine called the ‘Arrowcopter’.   After looking at some unique tents and testing out an amphibious car Richard went to meet his companion for his camping adventure.  Talking about what lay ahead for him he admitted ‘the only way I can really bare this is by surrounding myself with luxury camping objects and gadgets’.

His home for night was to be in a six thousand pounds see through bubble tent.  He then showed off a portable outdoor oven which wasn’t really suitable for any campsite scenario.  The next two gadgets could prove to be useful: a fourteen foot self inflatable projector screen and the Lumitab, the World’s first tablet projector.

Comedy Actor Stephen Mangan arrived to test out the gadgets and view the peculiar bubble tent where the two would be sleeping.  Stephen indulged himself enjoying the blow up Jacuzzi and Richard awkwardly sat on the portable massage chair which wasn’t to his liking.

Pizza was cooked for dinner in an Italian size wood fire oven and what better tool to slice up the pizza than using the Venger Swiss Amy Knife.  After sampling a few more gadgets and watching a film on the projector the pair retired to the tent.  Dawn broke and whilst leaving the tent Richard commented ‘a truly horrendous experience’.

Quite pleasing for me and for a campervan blog breakfast was to be served in a campervan.  The Danbury Doubleback was revealed.  As well as a pop up roof this camper adds and extra 2 metres in length when the rear pod is gently extended into place.  This VW T5 conversion offers space levels approaching a full motorhome whilst having the practicality of a compact vehicle, very impressive.


danbury doubleback

Richard sent a text for their breakfast and GPS technology was used via mobile phone to find their location.  Although a little bit technical this did seem quite normal until an automated drone copter appeared hovering down to deliver their food.

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