Although the UK has some of the best countryside, beaches and campsites in the world sometimes you may want to go a little further perhaps in search of sunnier climes or perhaps to explore the continent on an extended vacation.

There are a number of ports that you can choose from depending on your location, crossing times, destination and price of travel.  Another option is the Eurotunnel which transports campervans and motorhomes in their larger single decks that have more headroom.

campervan motorhome ferry








A lot of the ferries on these routes carry goods vehicles so they have ample capacity for your campervan or motorhome.  However this will vary depending on operator, route, ferry and of course the size of your vehicle.

It is important to know the exact height and width of your campervan.  When measuring the height include the overall height including roof boxes, satellite dishes etc.  If you have a trailer include the full dimension of both the vehicle and trailer when hooked up together.

Some operators classify larger motorhomes as freight carriers and the fares can be rather expensive if you are only away on vacation for a short duration.  Be sure that you have clearly advised the ferry operator of the size of your vehicle prior to travelling and keep copies of any correspondence with you on both the outward and inbound journeys.

Some companies have a weight restriction for motorhomes which is usually at the 3.5 tonne limit.  Be sure you are aware of the laden weight of your vehicle.  If you want to calculate this you could visit a public weighbridge when your campervan is loaded which costs around £10.

It is good practice to isolate gas tanks prior to traveling on the ferry or Eurotunnel and some operators will check this has been done.  There may also be restrictions on the percentage volume of gas you have in any tanks and the total weight of any gas tanks.

The Eurotunnel does not except any campers or motorhomes that use LPG as the vehicles fuel source even if the LPG is a secondary fuel source.


From the UK you can travel to the Netherlands, Belgium, France or if you don’t mind a longer ferry journey you can start your continental adventure at Bilbao or Santander in Spain.

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You can save a lot of money on fares if you are willing to travel at the more unpopular times of day such as early morning or late afternoon/evening.  You can also save if you book fixed tickets but any amendments may be subject to additional charges.  Flexible tickets allow you to travel at times to suit with no amendment penalties but can cost quite a lot extra.

We had a look at some of the prices to different destinations based on a return ticket for a week in a 3 metre high x 6 metre long motorhome for two adults and two children.  Prices will vary by a number of factors during the season.

Ferry Cost





So if you fancy some continental cuisine and perhaps a little more sun that we are used to in the UK why not plan your own continental adventure and be sure to send in your snaps.

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