I am an avid lover of the British Isles and what better way to explore than pootling around in a custom build campervan built to my needs and requirements.

Sitting in my trusty camper alongside a beautiful beach with a cup of tea in hand – it is the simple things in life that make it so special.

There are some beautiful places to explore in the UK, you may be familiar with many of these from pictures, TV shows and books.

But when it comes to building a campervan from scratch, where do you start? Which van to start with? A simple panel van? What wheel base is suitable for your build? Height? Colour? All these are important factors to take into account. There are so many more creative options. Take a horse truck for example some beautiful campervans and motorhomes have been created from these. Just the other day I was watching George Clarke Amazing Spaces and saw a truly original campervan built from an old air ambulance. The options are endless, milk floats, bicycles, delivery trucks, buses, coaches, boats you name it there are opportunities to  build a truly unique campervan conversion.


So to get those creative campervan juices flowing, let’s take a look at some wonderful designs to help you build your dream campervan conversion.


Guest Blog Written by Danielle Storm


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