As well as being a significant investment your campervan is a prized asset and one that you may have spent many hours restoring or converting.  Security can sometimes be overlooked when owning or building your own campervan.

A lot of theft of campervans and where break ins occur is when a campervan is not in use and parked at home or in storage.  To reduce the risk of theft make sure keys are always secured in a safe place away from the usual key rack near the front door. Wheel clamps, steering clamps and gear clamps are a great deterrent and provide good security especially if your camper is away in storage.

When holidaying keep all valuables in a safe place or invest in a safe that is secured to your vehicle.  When away from your camper or motorhome make sure all windows, doors and skylights are closed and secured.  Keep the TV and any electrical equipment like laptops and tablets away from the view of the exterior of the vehicle.

You can replace your standard cab doorcampervan security locks with deadlocks for uprated security.  There are also a number of additional locking mechanisms to go over side and rear doors of your van conversion or coach built motorhome.

Most modern campervans and motorhomes will come with an alarm and an immobiliser fitted as standard.  If you have an older motorhome you can get a professional to install an alarm and immobiliser for a few hundred pounds. Make sure the window stickers that come with these devices are prominently displayed in your vehicles window as a good deterrent.  Tracking devices are also a good deterrent and can help you get your campervan back if it is stolen.

In the UK security devices are rated by Thatcham research.  Thatcham category 1 devices provide the best security and are favoured by insurance providers.  It is worth checking with your insurance company which security products will offer a discount in premium before you install any.  With regards to insurance in general check you have the correct cover for all of the property on board your campervan and anything you take with you like bikes, boats and anything that you tow.

With a little investment and some good practice whilst on holiday you can considerably reduce the risk of theft and have peace of mind to enjoy your touring holidays.

Written by Glenn Adama

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