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The most famous campervan on screen in recent years has to be the Breaking Bad recreational vehicle.  Desperate school teacher Walter White and his drop-out former pupil get the vehicle to use as a meth lab.  The vehicle is used right from the pilot episode and features a few more times until it’s very exciting demise.

We take a look at some more vans and campervans that feature on our cinema and TV screens.

One the most iconic vans used in a TV programme has to be the 1983 GMC Vandura used by the A Team.  This customised van was the vehicle the team used to help innocent victims to escape injustice and tyranny.  The black body with the red stripe and rear spoiler was an iconic vehicle of the 1980’s and still looks good today

famous vans
campervan peppa pig

Although not quite as famous as the previous vehicle Peppa Pig’s family had a special campervan to go on their ‘Camping Holiday’.  The van is included in this blog due to its blue button that transformed it into an amphibious vehicle to get the family home faster down the river, and also due to its 21 million or so views on Youtube.

Next ex CIA member Jack Bryne’s impressive recreational vehicle in the popular sequel Meet the Fockers.  Apart from transporting the family to Florida to meet Greg Focker’s parents a notable scene is where Moses the dog jumps into the RVs toilet and is flushed into the tank by Mr Jinx the cat.

meet the fockers campervan

If you know of any more vans and campers that appear on-screen, let us know and we can feature them in our next blog

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